I was born in San Diego to a Navy man and his beautiful young Hawaiian street preacher bride. Shortly after serving in the Navy, my father felt a call to lead a church in Boise, Idaho where my three siblings and I spent most of our childhood. From Navy Brat to Pastor’s Kid, it didn’t take long for me to fall deeply in love with God and want to serve God the way I had seen my parents do. By my teenage years I felt a huge call to ministry. Following this call I decided to study ministry at Warner Southern University.

Two years into college I decided to hit the road with a band called Truth. When my touring with Truth ended, I was a 22 yr old in Nashville with my future ahead of me. I began going to a church called Belmont on Music Row. In 1997 the youth pastor of the church asked my future husband and me if we would like to volunteer to serve the youth ministry. Two things happened, we said yes and became volunteers, and Joe and I fell in love and got married.

Over a decade after saying yes to being a youth volunteer, I’ve served as youth director of a couple churches, and had the opportunity to launch a youth center.  In 2009 I was honored to partner with and help Michael W. Smith realize his dream to expand his original vision of Rocketown, serving teens through culturally relevant programming, mentoring, and entertainment, with the opening of Rocketown Florida. Recognized by Michael as the “heart of Rocketown,” I performed every job from custodian to show promoter to pastor (all the while with the official title of Operations Director).

In 2011 I moved to the beautiful state of Colorado. Through this winding path of God’s grace, I have found a new passion:  To shape and serve teens by serving youth leaders, youth organizations, and parents of teens.

Here’s how I’m doing that.

1.  Mentoring and coaching
2.  Speaking and training
3.  Providing relevant written resources for today’s youth leader.

Throughout the years, I’ve been given many nicknames by the kids I’ve worked with. Hula Girl. Mama T or just T. Even Tater. If you want to stay connected, theresamazza.com is where you want to be.

I’m still actively involved in youth ministry. I work with young teen moms at Hope House, and participate in youth ministry at my church, Broomfield United Methodist.

I’m married to Joe Mazza, the most talented and funniest person I know.  We’ve been married for 16 years and have an amazingly talented and crazy son.