Baby Steps: A Youth Ministry Tip From Dr. Leo Marvin

July 9, 2013 — Leave a comment

Good Morning America: Uh Bob, uh, tell us your impressions of Baby Steps.

Bob: Mash potatoes and gravy, Marie. I couldn’t be happier about Baby Steps. I was a terrible disaster and now, because of Baby Steps, I’m on TV in front of millions of people. I’m very excited.

what-about-bob-TV-show-murray-dreyfussDr. Leo Marvin’s book Baby Steps transformed the life of his patient Bob Wiley who was, in Dr. Leo Marvin words, “an almost-paralyzed, multiphobic personality who is in a constant state of panic.” Bob also claimed to have a rare case of Tourette’s Syndrome.

In the movie What About Bob Dr. Marvin gives Bob his new book and life-changing advice, Baby Steps. Bob is encouraged to stop obsessing about the huge issues that paralyze him with fear, and to start tackling the smaller things right in front of him that he can handle by taking one baby step at a time.

You may not be a multiphobic personality like Bob, but maybe you’re in need of a similar breakthrough.

What about youth ministry is paralyzing you?

The pace of youth ministry never slows down.
I plan from week to week and never seem to get ahead.
I’m pushing as hard as I can and still not reaching my (and everyone else’s) youth ministry expectations.

Start taking youth ministry baby steps.
1. Start each day in prayer, recommitting yourself to the pursuit of God, and loving those he loves.
2. Keep the main thing the main thing. Love, guide, and point students back to Jesus. Willingly let go of any event or program that don’t help you accomplish this.

3. Admit your weaknesses and look for people who will partner with you to grow those areas of the ministry.

4. Give as much leadership to your student’s and volunteers as possible. Exchange being a ministry dominator for being a ministry facilitator.

What other baby steps will you take to escape things that are paralyzing your ability to minister effectively?

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