Jesus Invites us to Be

March 12, 2013 — 1 Comment

red door

I hung up the phone and ran to my dorm room. This was by far the most surprising phone call I’d ever received. My first thought was, “If I do this, my father, a big fan of me finishing college, would disown me!”

Just a few days before, I’d opened for a Christian band at a concert at my college. It was my first time opening for anyone. I was nervous but I made it through the few songs I’d written. The next day one of my roommates told me that the phone was for me. It was a member of the group Truth calling to ask me to audition for the group. I was shocked! How did my nervous attempt to open for a real touring group turn into an invitation like this?

This unexpected invitation was weighing on me, but it was what I wanted to do. I would sing all over the country and get a chance to record albums. After a stressful audition process and being grilled by the founder of the group, I accepted the invitation to do what I’d always wanted.

Many times I’ve sought my purpose in life through the scope of two questions:

What do I want to do?
Where do I want to be?

I admit that I’ve been driven by these two questions, as I’ve eagerly sought out “what” and “where” invitations.

But there’s one invitation that has recently been catching my attention, this is an invitation that has been overshadowed by the “what” and “where” invitations for too long. This invitation knocks on our door every single day. It is the simple yet powerful invitation from Jesus to be. To be connected to him, to be loved by him, to be one with him, as he is one with the father and the Holy Spirit. This invitation to be is not about what we do, or where we’re going but is fantastically about who we are, his beloved.

Challenge: As we think about the group of teens God has given us to lead and encourage, will we do more than invite them to be a part of what the ministry is doing or where the ministry is going? Jesus invites us to be. To be fully loved, to be fully accepted, fully forgiven, and fully his. How will we extend this invitation to the teens we serve?

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  • Maria Truett

    Another great Word Theresa. This reminds me of your dad’s English classes on “to be.” It also reminds me of his sermon “Be Being.”