Leave a Legacy

September 22, 2016 — Leave a comment

For better or for worse, we are all currently building a legacy. When we move on to whatever comes next in our life journey, the next generation of leaders will inherit the foundations that have been laid in our youth ministries as well as everything we’ve left unfinished. If we truly believe that the ministries we are honored to serve with are bigger than ourselves, we must be emphatic about serving our ministries in a way that blesses future leaders.

3 areas of a lasting legacy:

Sustainability: A legacy of sustainability is built while we live out the difference between serving others and serving with others. Serving with others is more than delegating tasks. When we serve with others we share the mission and vision of the ministry and trust those we serve with to lead while giving them room to fail. Leaving a legacy of sustainability means we’re working toward this: our volunteers, parents, and students could care for each other and stay connected in a meaningful way, could run every area of the youth ministry, and could serve with the next leader if we were to leave our position.

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