Ministry Tips From Teens

July 30, 2013 — Leave a comment

“If you could give a youth pastor a ministry tip, what would it be?” That’s the question I recently posed to a group of teens on Facebook. Some of the responses were things I’d expect, but others made me stop and think. See if you feel the same way…

If you could give a youth pastor a ministry tip, what would it be?

Kristoff: Any time you are teaching, try to relate the lesson to a real life event.

Nair: wooow.. that’s a really good question.. I’d say.. keep a nice balance between being social and strict.. ’cause kids need to be straightened out at times but sometimes they need that care, love, and attention too.

Brook: Hmm I would say make the kids feel comfortable with speaking to the leader be a friend rather than just a “teacher” so you can relate better with them and laugh with them and stuff!

Christian: Just be yourself!! Relax, and set an example by how you talk to people, how you make decisions and how you express Jesus.

Dalton: Youth love energy and are more willing to do things when the person telling them is energetic and compassionate about it.

Hannah: Incorporate our interest, like music and skating. This is the best way to get keep teens interested.

Jeremy: Just love. Don’t talk about Jesus all the time BE Jesus all the time. Talking about him can push people away but if you listen people are always telling you what they need to hear so just love (be Jesus, be available physically, emotionally, and spiritually), and that is irresistible.

I’m so thankful for these insights and reminders. Here are my takeaways:
+Relate teaching to real life events.
+Balance being strict and structured with being social.
+Remember to be approachable. You are a leader and a friend.
+Express Jesus. Live by example and be yourself.
+Infuse everything you do with energy, purpose, and compassion.
+Don’t just talk about Jesus, Be Jesus.

I want to close out this post with a tip from Jeremy. I pray we remember this above everything we do as youth ministers…


The love of God is the source of all life. Keep loving!

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