Mother’s Day Dilemma: Helping Teens Honor Their Mothers

May 10, 2013 — Leave a comment

Mother’s Day is just a few days away. I’m thinking about the relationship I am so blessed to have with my mother. Honoring her has never been a dilemma. But I’m also thinking about teens who approach this day with a strained relationship with their mothers. How can they honor someone they don’t respect? What do they have to celebrate? What can they write in a card to someone they resent?

Teens need help with this Dilemma. It’s not just a Mother’s Day dilemma, for some of the teens in our life it is an everyday struggle. How can we help teens who are at war with their mothers?

Three words fill my heart when I see teens struggling with their mothers.

Presence, Prayer, Protection










Why Presence?

This dilemma calls for the presence of God in a big way. By offering your presence you offer God’s presence. Initiate consistent meetings with the student. Meet with the parent when appropriate. Students need someone who will listen to their complaints, struggles, and misunderstandings.They don’t need all the answers, sometimes they just need the presence of a loving, forgiving, gracious person who can represent all that God is and desires for their relationships.

Why Prayer?
We don’t always have the liberty to speak into a family’s personal relationships, but we do have the liberty to go to God on their behalf. Pray with the student and for the student. Pray with the parent and for the parent. Prayer not only softens God’s heart toward his people, but it also softens people’s hearts toward each other.

Why Protection?
There is much to protect. God will give you wisdom to protect students and families from the tactics of the enemy. Protect a student’s heart from building up hatred. Protect a student from blaming God, or forgetting God in their situation. Protect students from making their mom someone she’s not. Protect a student from giving up.

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