The Mountain Top: Taking SYMC to the Valley

March 4, 2013 — 1 Comment



This week has been a mountain top experience. But as I have always shared with my students during spiritual retreats, we don’t live on the mountain top. We have to take the mountain top experience down to the valley where we live.

And this is my personal challenge now – not just to you but to me as well -because I feel like I’ve been on the mountain taking in God’s breathtaking view, seeing his glory from up high (and I don’t just mean my 28th floor hotel room – I was on the boring side of the building).

So what will I take down to the valley where I live?

Seeking Community – Not a second after I put my bags down, I met up with new friends and started sharing the life of youth ministry together! Thank you Leneita, Josh, Chris, Mark, Eugene and so many others! This kind of sharing life was so refreshing. It encouraged me to be with people who understand my mission and would commit to pray for me.

Commitment to Worship – Soaking in God’s presence and giving my all in worship brought me to God like a little child. I felt my spirit recharging in his presence. And it was like falling in love with God over and again every session. I need moments of honest worship to continue.

Hunger to Learn – I’ve taken away so much from workshop leaders and fellow youth pastors this week. I want to continue to look for opportunities to learn from others.

Eagerness to Collaborate – One of the things that blew my mind during this conference was the way youth workers were working together to share solutions! I think for some (most?), they learned more from the conversations they had with peers than any workshop or general session could hope to teach.

My challenge: SYMC did a wonderful job getting us to the mountain top. But it wasn’t the Harlem Shake or the perfect choice of keynote speakers that made this weekend powerful. It was our willingness to experience! What did you allow yourself to experience? My challenge is that we would all keep giving ourselves permission to experience God in these ways.

If you missed SYMC this year, register NOW for 2014! And check out my notes from my conference workshops. Connect with me on Twitter and let me know in the comments what you’re taking to the valley!

  • Mary Fabella Truett

    Thank you for sharing this article and your experience, not only as a teacher at SYMC, but as a student. It’s obvious, from what you wrote, that everyone learned from each other’s experiences. Wow…what a way to build a stronger army for God to win people to Him.