SYMC 2016





I’m so excited to be a part of the ministry team for SYMC 2016. If you haven’t registered it’s not to late to join us. Visit the site and plan on joining us!

Here’s my SYMC schedule:

Saturday Oct 8: 11:15AM-12:30PM GENERAL SESSION & WORSHIPFeaturing Rick Lawrence, Kurt Johnston, Theresa Mazza, and Shane & Shane (Room: Hyatt Regency Ballroom–doors open at 11:00AM)

Saturday Oct 8: 12:45-2:00PM PEER PANELS :  • Reaching Fringe Kids 47 Led by Theresa Mazza (Room: Rosemont B)

Sunday Oct 9: Reaching Every Teenager Through Radical Hospitality

Session 1: (Sunday 9:00-11:00am) Creating a Powerfully Welcoming Environment

Session 2: (Sunday 2:30-4:30pm) Mastering Invitation and Extending Your Reach

Half Track Description: A magnetic, welcoming atmosphere in youth ministry doesn’t just happen when we open our doors, but it does begin at our doors. Student ministry is the opportunity to help every teenager in our community find a home, through the love of Jesus. But how many kids are visiting our churches? How many have come to our youth group once or twice and never returned? In this hands-on Half-Track, we’ll explore creating a welcoming environment—a culture that brings about the spiritual transformation of teenagers both inside and outside the church walls. Together, we’ll figure out how to make a magnetic welcoming environment a movement.



9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

1 REACHING EVERY TEENAGER THROUGH RADICAL HOSPITALITY: reaching-every-teenthrough-radical-hospitality-part-i

2 REACHING EVERY TEENAGER THROUGH RADICAL HOSPITALITY: 2-reaching-every-teen-through-radical-hospitality

2:30 – 4:30

3 REACHING EVERY TEENAGER THROUGH RADICAL HOSPITALITY:3-reaching-every-teenager-through-radical-hospitality

4 REACHING EVERY TEENAGER THROUGH RADICAL HOSPITALITY: 4-reaching-every-teenager-through-radical-hospitality


_Jesus is Rad by Mike Orr: jesusisrad

_What kids Wish Their Teacher Knew, the new york times

_Vickie Carmichael: Radical Hospitality
_Please Offend me by Theresa Mazza for Group Magazene
_Call and Response: Leader: Jesus is clear about what he expects of us who follow him.
People: What does he tell us?
_Lessons from Chic-fil-a: The second Mile
_What Starbucks can teach the church about hospitality and reaching our neighbors
Books you should read: 
_The Limits of Hospitality by Jessica Wrobleski
_Why Nobody Wants to Go to Church Anymore by Thom and Joani Schultz


_Here’s my airtime from the  2013 conference: