When’s The Last Time You Picked Up An Isopod Crustacean?

June 3, 2013 — Leave a comment

What’s an Isopod Crustacean? Remember the little Roly Polies you rolled around in your palm as a kid? These Roly Polies crawled up our arms fascinating us with their millions of tiny legs. This morning as I was walking my dog, an Isopod caught my attention. I stopped to pick it up, and as it rolled around my hand I found myself flying back in time, a time when a tiny creature with millions of legs could fascinate me for hours. The adult me, has little time to stop for anything. It seems the business of the time we live in pushes fascination to the sideline.

This morning as the Roly Poly rolled around my hand, it reminded me that abundant life as a child of God is enjoying all that he gives us in this life. Maybe as a child I experienced more of heaven on earth, and maybe you did too.


I need to pick up Roly Polies more often and return to…

Adventure: I adventured out on my bike for hours as a kid. I started many bike rides with no destination in mind. I just went. Bike rides included cloud watching, skipping rocks on the pond, and feeling the wind hit my face as I cruised down hill on my pink huffy. A fascination and deep appreciation for creation was growing inside me with each adventure.

Adventure connects us to God as we take in his creation and sense the greatness of his presence all around us and recognize that we are a small part of his glory.

Discovery: In second grade I discovered the bitterness of lemons. We had a few lemon trees on our property. I picked these lemons and ate them whole, skin and all. We also had purple grapes growing on the side of our house. These purple grapes were not sweet and their skin had a funny texture, not like store-bought grapes. I ate a whole mess of those grapes just so I could launch the seeds out of my mouth and watch my skin turn purple as I picked them of the vine. I also discovered red strawberries taste way better than green strawberries. Waiting on a strawberry to get nice and plump and red would reward me with its sweetness.

Discovery awakens our spirit to taste, touch, and see God.

Playfulness: My babysitter let me dig in the dirt and I loved her for it! I made mud pies, castles, and tunnels. I was a complete mess when my mom picked me up. But she was never upset, because it made me a happy kid. My big brother and I played hours of around the world. My dad would whistle to call us in for dinner. We created the craziest basketball shots ever taken. For many adults, playfulness has become a lost art.

Playfulness brings laughter and joy, laughter and joy brings healing and peace.

So when is the last time you pick up an Isopod Crustacean? How do you experience heaven on earth?

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